The Lamar Alexander v. Joe Carr Whooplah

If any Tennessean hasn’t heard about Joe Carr by now, you must have been living under a rock for nearly a year. So for those who have been oblivious to the man, allow me to educate you. Joe is a state representative from Lascassas, TN who was the Tea Party-endorsed challenger to Lamar Alexander in the race for U.S. Senate. Joe lost by about 9 percentage points last night and I want to give a brief analysis of my take on the whole thing.

I was an early supporter of Joe Carr. I believe in everything the Tea Party supports and knew Lamar had made some questionable stances on a few things in Washington. Joe came to Jackson last January  to speak to the Madison County Tea Party. I attended the meeting and left with a questionable view of Joe. The more I heard from him and about him and the more I did my research, the more uncomfortable I felt voting for him. By the beginning of June, I had decided that Lamar would be getting my vote. I caused a lot of stir with my Tea Party friends, but I stood by my decision. It solidified when I met Sen. Alexander earlier this week at an event in Jackson. He was kind, courteous and very down-to-earth. Joe Carr did not have this kind of demeanor when I met him in January.

Reasons Why Joe Carr Lost

He didn’t campaign for anything. His campaign was all about everything he was against (and everything was a rather short list). The only thing Carr supporters ever talked about was how Lamar supported amnesty. Every once in a while, you heard them say that “Lamar supported ObamaCare and Common Core!” These were very distorted claims.

The ObamaCare statement was in regards to his voting against the government shutdown. Part of Ted Cruz’s filibuster was to defund ObamaCare and keep the government running. Knowing that the Democrat-controlled Senate would not stand for this, Lamar accepted reality and tried to keep the government running. He thought about all the employees of his staff, the national parks, federal buildings, and museums around the country that would shut down, preventing thousands of people from receiving a paycheck. Sure sounds like a liberal politician who doesn’t care about Tennesseans, doesn’t it?

And Lamar never talked about Common Core. They can’t say he supported it if he didn’t even talk about it.

When you are only fighting against something, you have no vision. People need to know what you are fighting for. That gives them a sense of where you want to take our town, county, state, and country. It also shows that you have taken time to craft out your vision and goals. Consider this if you ever run for public office.

*Side note: Joe Carr was originally running against Scott DesJerlais in the race for U.S. House before jumping in the Senate race. I feel that if Joe were really this concerned about Lamar Alexander and his stances, he would have been in the Senate race from the very beginning. This only makes me think he was wanting “U.S.” in front of his name. Lamar was only a political tool.


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