Walking in Faith

My faith has truly been tested this year. With all of the things that happened at Union this past year, it has been common for me to almost lose faith entirely. I could not imagine what in the world was going on. But thanks to many friends, mentors, and the solid foundation of God’s Word, my faith has proven true. And it happened again.

On June 22, I officially resigned as music minister from Sanford Hill Baptist Church. After several months of contemplation and prayer, I felt that it was time to go. My time there was short (9 months exactly). When my resignation didn’t include plans for the future, questions were raised as to why I was leaving. In order to cause less strife than what is already there, let me just say that “it is what’s best.” I love the congregation at SHBC and I hope to see that church grow not only in number, but in the spirit of Christ. Now, how is faith a part of all this?

Upon leaving SHBC, I was given the opportunity to return to First Christian Church, Adamsville, as the interim worship leader. They had asked me to come and lead worship for Friends & Family Day on June 29th and once I finished that service, they offered me the job of interim through the summer and longer if need be. I never saw this coming and some might see it as going backwards. But my God is faithful. I have not missed a paycheck. I have two steady jobs. I get to spend more time with my family. And I am happy.

Walk in faith. Sometimes, it’s a whole lot safer than walking in plain sight.


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