I am so Baptist

I like lists. Now granted, it is seldom that I make a to-do list unless I don’t trust myself enough to get things done that are REALLY IMPORTANT. The lists I make are usually things I think about when I should be paying attention to something else. Recent lists that I recall were lists of:

  • Possible names of my future children
  • Cities I’ve visited
  • Cities I’d like to visit
  • Countries/states I’d like to visit
  • States I have been to
  • All the music majors
  • All the classes I’ve had while at Union
  • Places I might like to live one day
  • All the buildings on Union’s campus

As you can see, my attention span is that of a…Anyway, the other day I made a list of all the churches I have attended a service at in my lifetime. This could include Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, Tenebrae, whatever. Any service other than a concert. I will spare you the reading and not list every church, but I did learn something. I AM SO BAPTIST.

This list included one Presbyterian church, one Church of Christ, one independent Christian church, a sprinkling of Methodist churches, several Pentecostal and nondenominational churches, a few Catholic churches, and a SLUE of Baptist churches. So why I am I making a big deal out of this? Because I have been raised in a Baptist home, my exposure to differing worship styles and traditions have been limited. I am used to a call to worship, fellowship hymn, all 6 verses of “Just as I Am,” musicians playing during the offertory, no creeds or liturgy, and limited response from the congregation aside from congregational singing. This is why I enjoy going to churches of various denominations (or the lack thereof) to get a sense of what their worship is like. Just last night, I went to Love & Truth Church in Savannah (a non-denominational, charismatic congregation) for their Good Friday service. It was incredible! Now, maybe I do have a bit of a bias because my cousins serve as the Campus Pastors and their daughter and son-in-law serve as Youth Pastors. However, the worship was sincere and Pastor Philip’s message was scripturally sound. We also got to take communion and it was comforting to know that I wasn’t excluded simply because of my denominational affiliation.

I’ll take some Apostles’ Creed with a side of “Just as I Am,” please.


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