Back to the Old Grinding Wheel

The second semester of Senior Year: Part 1 got started last Wednesday. I have to say, I am very much looking forward to this semester. This has probably got to be the easiest schedule I have ever had. I am only taking 13 hours with only 3 real classes. Tuesday and Thursday only see ensembles and private lessons. I have joined the Jazz Band to get back into the “swing” of jazz piano that I have missed. I can’t wait to get started with that on Tuesday night.

This weather, though. I have had about all I can take of this winter. Monday and Tuesday could be 5 degrees and Friday and Saturday could be 60 degrees. You just never know what’s coming next. I guess that’s what I get for living in Tennessee. Let’s just say I am ready for spring and wouldn’t mind taking a gun to that wretched groundhog and having some groundhog gumbo.

As I type this, Union has given us a delayed schedule for tomorrow (Monday) due to the impending freezing rain, ice, and snow that is expected to come our way tomorrow. I hope to wake up at 7:45 tomorrow and see a UUalerts text letting me know that school is canceled all day long. That will definitely be at the top of my prayer list tonight.



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