Dat J-term doh

J-term is my favorite part of the school year. It is the most stress-free academic time for me. I have one education class and piano lessons. Aside from that, I have spent my time doing practicum and watching plenty of Andy Griffith. Speaking of that, let me tell you what welcomed me when I got here.

I arrived on the afternoon of the 6th to find two sweet letters from Karessa waiting in my mailbox. Not even two days later, a package arrived with Casablanca, Night at the Museum, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the 6th season of Andy Griffith. What’s funny is that I have mentioned to her on different occasions that I had been wanting to see all three of those movies before. Yes, she is the most incredible person in the world.

I have been doing a practicum at Northeast Middle School for my class and it has been a really enjoyable experience. I have learned a lot with my cooperating teacher and have even got to teach a little myself.  The spring semester starts next Wednesday (the 29th) and I am really looking forward to that semester!


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