Duck Dynasty controversy

By now, you’ve all probably heard of the comments Phil Robertson made regarding homosexuality off-camera. Since then, A&E has suspended Phil from the TV show indefinitely. This is due to outcries from the LGBT community and critics in LGBT support. What do I have to say about this?

I believe Phil knew this might happen. He knew how risky his comments would be, yet he made them anyway. And that’s what I admire most. The fact that he put his TV career on the line for the furtherance of the Christian message is profound. I believe that is called a martyr in a manner of speaking. Phil Robertson isnt stupid. He knows how popular his show is. He knows how much memorabilia is sold that bears the name of DD. But do you think he cares? Of course, I am furious that A&E responded the way they did. It’s as if they think they will make more money by bowing to the LGBT`s wishes rather than showing Duck Dynasty. I believe that the support for Phil will go crazy and he will be placed back in the show rather quickly. But I admire his boldness and ruthlessness even more.

This isn’t about the words he used, in which he held NOTHING back. It’s about the fact that he views marriage the way he does. And then, the “tolerant” network pulls him from the show because they don’t like “intolerant” he is. I am sure A&E is wrong on this one.

What would the world be like if all Christians were that bold? We sure would throw people for a loop if we were.


One thought on “Duck Dynasty controversy

  1. It’s amazing how much intolerance is committed in the name of tolerance. Isaiah 5:20 keeps coming to my mind. It amazes me how twisted the perceptions of good has become and how quickly we’re loosing the freedoms our country was founded upon in the name of tolerance and choice. Whose tolerance? Whose choice?


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