RaNdOm FaCtS

For the past few weeks, people in the Facebook world have been using their statuses to let the world know of random facts. This could be categorized or completely and literally random. I’ve seen them talk about relationships, college, marriage, kids, church, jobs, etc. The game is to “like” the status of someone who has made a list and the maker of the list will give you a number. You are then to make your own list about the same subject that the previous person used. It’s such a weird concept, but people keep doing it. To save myself from accidentally liking a status and having to make a categorized list, I decided to give you a list right here on Loganotes. And it will be literally random.

  1. I have to sleep in socks.
  2. My dogs have me wrapped around their little paws.
  3. I cannot whistle.
  4. I’m a bit OCD and I wonder sometimes if I’m ADD.
  5. I know WAY too many people.
  6. I have a goal of visiting every state in the country before I die.
  7. A career in politics is what I’m reaching for one day.
  8. Tickling is my biggest weakness. You can get me to do anything if you tickle me.
  9. In junior high and high school, some people assumed I was gay and harassed me about it. It still bothers me sometimes.
  10. I have commitment issues.
  11. If you give me a hug, you’re in for life.
  12. If I could go back and attend a cheaper university, I wouldn’t.
  13. My blood has, does, and will forever bleed Tennessee orange.
  14. No one will convince me that there is a prettier state in the Union than my home sweet home, Tennessee.
  15. You can never have too many ties.
  16. Line-dancing is one of the most fun things to do with a group of people.
  17. The thought of graduating college scares the living daylights out of me.
  18. Old people are the coolest in the world.
  19. I hate losing friendships.
  20. I try to see the best in people.
  21. Nashville and Louisville are my favorite cities.
  22. I am finally traveling abroad in March when I fly to Ireland with the University Singers.
  23. I’m a Republican…like you didn’t know.
  24. Southern food is where it’s at.
  25. I would much prefer a live show over a movie/TV.

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