…with thanksgiving

I have seen several of my friends doing the 30 Days of Thankfulness. I think that is a great idea for themonthof November (or any month, really). I chose not do it, however, because I am so busy and forgetful. So I am going to make a list right here, on Thanksgiving, of things that I am grateful for. God has richly blessed me this year, and I would like to list a few of those blessings.

My family is still intact and closer than ever
I have a new music ministry at Sanford Hill Baptist Church
I am still enrolled at Union and loving every moment of it
I have the greatest friends I could ever ask for
I received the opportunities that TISL offered and was elected Speaker of the House
I conducted my first orchestra for AiM’s production of South Pacific
I am going to Ireland in March!
I have a God that loves me still, in spite of my downfalls
I am still healthy as a horse
I haven’t gone without at all this year
My dad got a full-time ministry position at our home church in Adamsville
Watched my high school band take the state championship (and sweep the competition!) for the EIGHTH time
Rekindled a friendship from high school that has proven to be a great blessing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂


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