Believe in the Holy Spirit?

I had a monumental realization a few nights ago. I have been raised Southern Baptist my entire life. For what I believe, I think that the SBC has the best understanding of the Bible and that is why I choose to fellowship with those that think likewise. A friend of mine, who is non-denominational, asked me a question the other night that I never would have seen coming.

“You don’t believe in the Holy Spirit, do you?”

This wasn’t said with a condescending tone. She just assumed that, because I am a Baptist, that I don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. This led me to really think about how we as Southern Baptists appear to our charismatic brothers and sisters in Christ. For them, the Holy Spirit means speaking in tongues, healing, prophesying, lifting of the hands, dancing, naturally, those that don’t do those things in worship give the impression that they don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. Baptists, we have screwed up. If our other brothers and sisters feel that we don’t believe in the Holy Spirit, we have some work to do. Now, understand that I’m not saying we should start being charismatic as if that’s the only sign, because it isn’t. However, we  have GOT to make our witness MUCH bolder. We as a denomination have quenched the power of the Holy Spirit. The only thing that’s ever mentioned about it in our SBC churches (normally) is during baptism and the fact that we have it now that Christ in the flesh has gone to be with the Father. That’s pretty much it. We underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit because we have seen its gifts abused in other situations, mainly speaking in tongues. But should we forget all the rest of its power just because we had a problem with one?

There was never a “day of miracles.” There is ALWAYS a “God of miracles.” Whenever someone starts speaking of healing, prophesying, even “praise and worship,” a Baptist is quick to back up. God still works miracles and He works them through His Holy Spirit. Never should anyone have to question whether we believe in the Holy Spirit or not. Start showing people what you believe.


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