AHS Band sweeps Division 1!

It just seems like they get better and better and better. Folks, my high school band looks unstoppable. They have worked and worked and have seen their efforts rewarded throughout the season. They competed and took honors everywhere they went. And state was no different.

My enthusiasm for state is not hidden by any means. I get excited when the week comes every year and cannot wait to get to Riverdale to cheer on my band. This year, I recruited for Union during the first part of the day (10-1) while the preliminary competition was going on. I actually met up with two girls from Collinwood to whom I gave a Union tour last spring. It was great to catch up with them and see how their senior year is going. It was also kinda nice to see them perform their last band show that day. I got in the stands (after donning my Adamsville apparel and band jacket first) around 1:00 to watch the rest of the prelim competition. And Adamsville did AWESOME. One of the best prelim performances they have ever done. I was so proud of them and couldn’t wait to see them later.

FINALS. There is just nothing like it. The atmosphere surrounding you is so infectious that you just can’t help but come out of your shell and cheer for your band. I am kinda the unofficial band cheerleader. I gained this title by being the one to start the cheering and yell the loudest. I always get asked to come to a competition when a spirit award is present so I can do my part to make sure we win it. Anyway, the band blew that place up with their finals performance. I have never seen them do better. This performance was special for me because 4 seniors that started with me in the front ensemble were performing for their last time. I watched with so much enthusiasm and let them know when I approved by giving a big, fat “YEAH!” from the stands. If you watch the video, you’ll be able to hear me loud and clear. They made me so proud.

When awards came around, Adamsville swept that competition like a dirty house. For the first time EVER, Adamsville took home every first place trophy that Division 1 had to offer. High music and visual, field commander, guard, percussion, and band. IN PRELIMS AND FINALS. I mean they took care of business. And although it is our eighth time to win, as Kailyn put it, “it never gets old.”

Probably the most magical thing was the amount of alumni that attended. David Stevens, the assistant band director, created a Facebook group for Adamsville Band Alumni where we could all connect and be made aware of the goings on with the band. Well thanks to that group, OVER THIRTY ALUMNI showed up on Saturday to watch the band perform. That shows a level of dedication and level of allegiance to the band program at AHS. It also shows the impact that Frankie Congiardo has left on his students for the past thirty years. It was amazing to see all of us there cheering on our alma mater and then congratulating Mr. C when it was all said and done. I expect to see even more there next year.

Way to go, Little Red. You deserved everything you got.

Prelims (6)


Trophies post-state

Band alumni in stands


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