His song?

First off, let me say how much I enjoy working with my church choir at Sanford Hill BC. They are so diligent and hard-working every week. They are willing to learn new songs and nit-pick on the things they do know. We are working on Chris Tomlin’s arrangement of “The Wonderful Cross” right now, which leads to the subject of this blog post.

Tonight, a gentleman (who is not a member of the Worship Choir or SFBC) told me that he “did not like that particular song we rehearsed on Sunday.” When I inquired, he said, “Isaac Watts would turn over in his grave if he knew his song was being sung that way. The guy who wrote that new one just stole Isaac’s melody and ruined it. It’s terrible.”

Well what do you say to that?

I didn’t say anything. Knowing my tendency to pop off at the mouth without giving any of the slightest thought of what I want/need to say, I refrained. But really? This guy who isn’t even in our choir, let alone a member of the church, is complaining about our music. If you don’t like it, leave or don’t complain. That’s all there is to it. I don’t choose music based on the genre or sound of it, although that does play a role in my selections. I look for theological depth, melodic flow, ease of learning, and enhancement of the worshipers.

And another thing: it isn’t Isaac Watts’s song. I feel that if someone writes a song for the church, that is their offering to the Lord. They GIVE of their talents and abilities to the service of the Lord. Their name might be under the title, but it is GOD’s song. I personally could care less if Isaac Watts is turning over in his grave right now. In fact, I believe that if Isaac were alive, he sure would not be pitching a fit like this gentleman is.

Rant over.


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