People Pleaser

Due to my very unique personality and interests, it may come across to some that I have no care in the world of what others think of me. It is very normal for people like me to just live life and live it well. On the contrary for Mr. Logan Brasher.

I have this ridiculous obsession with people liking me. By that, I mean I cannot stand when someone has a problem with me. If word gets around to me that someone is upset or bitter about something I did (or worse, something I am), I will fix it immediately. I am such a people pleaser. Just this past week, there was a moment where I learned of a “conclusion” that several people had made of me regarding a particular subject. I did not know who these people were. But it didn’t matter. I was up all night thinking of all the people it could have been. I was thinking about all the ways I could change so I could please them. I even started texting a few of my close friends (Union and beyond) trying to figure out if they were a part of that group. Finally, I asked about it and learned who the people were. And you know what? It was not anyone I would have guessed and really no one I should have fretted over.

So what have I learned from this? Well for one thing, don’t lose sleep over something you can or cannot control. And another thing is to live your life with the concern of only pleasing one person…Almighty God. Once you have gotten to the point where you are pleasing the Lord, then pleasing other people will fall into place. This will take a lot from me. I hate to have people mad or annoyed or irritated at me. I simply cannot stand it. So realizing that I cannot make everyone happy just eats me up. I guess this is just practice for my future political life. I can either change my mind and morals a whole lot to please those presently around me, or stick to my guns and be faithful to what I know is right. I believe I will go for the latter.


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