Government Shutdown

Just under an hour ago, the order for a government shutdown was given. What does this mean? Essentially and in short, it means the government has no money and cannot borrow any money until a spending bill is passed, usually in less than three days. Most government-run programs will close for the time that the government is considered shut down. This is made a little more clear by following this link…click here

As a very active and outspoken Republican and Tea Partier, I have my own opinions about this. I am severely frustrated with the liberal side of Congress. Now, we all know that there are lots of immature and backwards politicians up there. But it appears to me that the Democrats have been the ones that have completely disregarded the voices of the American public and brought the government shutdown. It is undoubtedly clear that an overwhelming majority of the country is COMPLETELY opposed to Obamacare. However, President Obama’s buddies and pals have no desire to listen to us and refused to defund it. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Congressional members are allowed to be exempt from it. The Republicans did their very hardest to listen to the voices of the American people to defund Obamacare and keep the government running. A huge shoutout to Sen. Ted Cruz for his “filibuster” last week. What a patriot. I had a friend that suggested we would use that money for “corporate tax breaks.” That’s bull. How about strengthening our military (which could never be funded enough)? Defunding abortion clinics and procedures? Stop sending money to other countries, allies or otherwise? And the Democrats make it appear that they are the ones listening to the America people and turn the blame to the GOP. I’m sorry guys, but you’re wrong.

It all comes back to fiscal responsibility. A HUGE majority of Congress (both Houses) have no concept of how to spend the amount of money placed in our budget each year. They see a number that is higher than their own paycheck and feel the need to go on a spending frenzy. And we wonder why we’re in debt! Raising the debt ceiling is absolutely one of the worst ideas that has ever been conceived by our government. When we are a country in debt as much as we are, raising our debt even more is the complete opposite of a solution. And Nancy Pelosi says we DON’T have a spending problem? GOOD GRACIOUS! Why in the heck is she still in office?! Just remember folks, it’s your money they’re spending.

This is the time for young conservatives (not Republicans…conservatives) to rise up and run for public office. Our government is broke and it is high time that a new generation of Congressional leaders take charge. This goes from a city council to the U.S. Congress. If you don’t like your representative or Senator, run for office and GET. THEM. OUT.

I’m fed up ,folks. I have sincerely put up with and endured Obama’s liberal agenda with his pals in Congress and I am at the point where I cannot stand it anymore. It’s time to get this country back from the bureaucrats that think they know what they are doing. DO SOMETHING.


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