Church Talk

For as long as I can remember, I have listened to the same radio station every Sunday morning and every Sunday night…Sunday Down South on WKWX 93.5 FM out of Savannah. Normally a country station, they have been playing southern gospel music on Sundays for 33 years. It is a favorite pastime of mine and I look forward to it every week. However, I heard a song this week that just didn’t sit well with me.  And remember, I love southern gospel music.

The first song I heard when I got in the car had lyrics that went like this: “Unless you’ve got something good to say, don’t talk about the church to me.” Now that struck a chord in me. Being a preacher’s kid (PK), I have seen more ins and outs of church than the average church-goer. Therefore, I have been way more frustrated than those not directly involved with the administration of a church. But when it comes down to it, the truth has to be told…even when the going gets tough. Church isn’t always sunshine and daisies.

Christ-followers that shy away from problems that arise within the church are afraid. They are afraid of things gone wrong. I am not sure if they are more afraid admitting there’s a problem or the fact that they might be the ones who have to fix it. Like it or not, every church has their problems. And it is up to the members of the body to step up to the plate and go to work to make sure that nothing hinders the Gospel from being spread. We have to be mature disciples who honestly want to see our church prosper in more than just numbers, and that takes guts to confront the problems. So whether it is good or bad, church must be talked about.


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