How Does She Do That?

This past semester, a very dear Union friend of mine coped with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer. She let us know about it in the early days of January. I’ve never had a friend so close to my age diagnosed with cancer before, so this was definitely a new experience for me. I was so upset for her because she had only been at Union for one semester before this came into her life.

However, I didn’t pay attention to the cancer that had entered her body. What kept my attention was the attitude she had throughout the process. I have seen many people with cancer in my lifetime. But NEVER have I seen someone with such a positive outlook on life with all the adversity that was thrown her way. She never posted anything negative on her Facebook page. When she was able to visit Union, she had a smile on her face every place she went. Thankfully, she was able to take an online class through Union while she endured the process. And as of May 3rd, she is in remission! This means that she’ll be back at Union in the fall to continue her college career!

Lacie, I am incredibly amazed by you. How you’ve been able to keep a positive outlook on life midst all this is beyond me. I just hope that when adversity is thrown my way, I will remember the example you set for all of us and be able to imitate that. I can’t wait to have you back here in August!



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