College Republicans and Beyond

Last Saturday, I traveled to Nashville with some friends of mine for the Tennessee College Republicans State Convention. It was my first visit to the Capital and I had been looking forward to it for quite a while. There were six of us all together that represented Union. Walking up to the Capital in our professional attire made us feel like government officials. Sitting in the seats of the officials in the House Chamber was even more surreal. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got there, but boy, did I leave Nashville more excited than when I arrived.

I was very honored to receive the TN College Republican of the Year Award. I was caught completely off-guard because this award is given to four people out of 1,500 College Republicans in the state. Talk out humbling.

The convention allowed us to network with other CR’s from around the state, as well as listen to our state officials speak. We heard from Sen. Jack Johnson (District 23) as well as Secretary of State Tre Hargett. Bobbie Petray of the Tennessee Eagle Forum also spoke to us about what the Forum does and current issues facing our state. The highlight of the day was listening to Governor Winfield Dunn. Governor Dunn served Tennessee in the seventies and was the first Republican governor in fifty years for our state. He was incredible. We got to see the real him. I got to meet him and talk briefly with him after the convention adjourned. He inspired me so very much. And that is why I have decided to, after teaching for a while, run for public office.

I know what you all have to say. “POLITICIANS ARE DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS THAT ARE ONLY OUT FOR MONEY! Our political system is broken because of them!” Perhaps you’re right. But if you discourage bold, honest, and steadfast people from running for office, you’re going to continue having a broken system. We are called by Christ to be the “salt and light of the world.” And what runs our world? That’s right. Politics.

I do believe that this is a calling I should heed. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m willing to do whatever it is the Lord asks of me. I also ask that you pray for your country, that God would raise up the right people to lead our nation from town commissioners to presidents.

TNCR Convention (2)


TNCR Convention (9)




TNCR Convention (8)


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