V-Show 2013

For those of you unfamiliar with how we have fun here at Union, allow me to fill you in on a little something we like to call “Variety Show.”

This is definitely THE BIGGEST student event on campus every year. It’s a huge competition involving singing, dancing, acting, and one big huge production of it all. Currently, it is dominated by the sororities. But in the end, we all have fun doing whatever it is that we do and we rejoice with the winning group. After watching it for two years, I finally got to participate.

My friend Caisie, a Kappa Delta, approached me last semester and asked if I would be interested in performing with Kappa Delta in the show. Of course I enthusiastically said yes! I didn’t have to start practicing with them until the week before the show because my part was rather small. But boy did we have a time! I loved hanging out with everyone involved in V-Show. Being on the stage of the Carl Perkins Civic Center with music blaring, lights flashing, incredible costumes, and dancing that would rival Broadway…that’s what it felt like. For about ten minutes, I felt like I was a part of a Broadway show.

Oh, what did we do? We did somewhat of a spin-off of the Great Gatsby and I was a henchman of the antagonist. Such a fun theme, it was. Chi Omega did a rendition of Annie while Zeta Tau Alpha performed music and dancing from Phantom of the Opera. Each group had a little bit of a twist with the music so the dancing could be intense. ZTA ended up winning the competition and rightly so. They were incredible.

I told the KDs that I have two more years here. Next year, I expect to be put to work with dancing and singing. Make me work for it!

KD V-show


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