Time for Breathing

In the midst of the madness of school life, I finally found a moment to blog. This has got to be the most hectic two weeks I’ve had at college in a long time. Let me give you a rundown:

1) I had an analysis project due yesterday and it got done. I had to pull some teeth to make it happen though.

2) I had a test in World Literature II today.

3) I have a composition and an essay due tomorrow.

4) I have the rough draft of my MusHis research paper due on Monday.

5) I have a quiz and a test on Wednesday of next week.

To those who think musicians can just breeze right through a music degree, consider yourself proven wrong. It’s been tough. Not to mention the recitals and rehearsals that have to be thrown in among all this. I’m also in V-show and that happens next Saturday.

I just need a vacation. I know we only have roughly 5 weeks left of school, but it feels like there is no end. However, I must keep trucking. As my friends in Echo would say, “God’s got it.”



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