NOLA Singers Tour 2013: Part 1 of 3

What’s left after a Singers tour that hit 5 cities in 3 different states? A tired, sore, and no-voiced Logan Brasher.

This trip with the Singers was probably the best trip I’ve ever taken with a group like this. I learned about the trip in the middle of fall before everyone else because Dr. Mathews told a group of prospective students on Preview Day. He swore me to secrecy until he told the group as a whole. Considering I had never been to New Orleans, let alone Louisiana, excited is quite an understatement.

Let’s just say I was pretty much check out on the Friday before we left on Wednesday. I had no motivation to do anything except get on the bus and go. But alas, there were tests, quizzes, and lessons to be completed before I could head south. EVENTUALLY…Wednesday came around and we hopped on the bus and took off.

First, we headed north to Otter Creek Church (of Christ) in Brentwood. OCC has a Vespers service every Wednesday night and we got the opportunity to provide the music for it. I had never attended a Vespers service before, so I was intrigued. This is a very reverent time of worship that is meant to calm the nerves and give you a time of peace and tranquility in the middle of a hectic week. I enjoyed it so very much. We stayed in homes of the members that night so we could save money and time on hotels. My friend Kenan and I stayed with a family that had 3 small children. Those kids were so much fun! Just loads of laughter abounded in each of them. We didn’t get to spend much time with them that night because they had to go to bed. Kenan and I spent our time playing with the wooden train set that was set up in the playroom. I never had a wooden train set growing up, so I was happy as a lark. We woke up the next morning to a great breakfast with the kiddos and saw them off to school.

From there, the Singers bussed to First Baptist Church of Nashville for a rehearsal. We rehearsed our new music in the choir room and moved to the sanctuary for our tour music. FBC has a beautiful sanctuary with a lot of history contained in it. We got to sit and listen for a spell as the story of the stained glass windows was told to us by an older member. We grabbed lunch close to the church and then went to Franklin High School. We did a choral exchange there and really wowed the students. Once we finished there, we moved out towards Auburn.

Our concert for that evening was at the church of one of our choir members (and my favorite piano major!), MaryAnn McClendon. Farmville Baptist Church is a smaller rural church on the outskirts of Auburn. The people there were so sweet and loving. They appeared to enjoy their time with us. We also stayed in homes that night. Kenan, Trevor, Doug, and myself stayed in the home of Dena Edge. She graciously gave us a car tour of the Auburn University campus before we headed home. Once we got home, we spent about an hour just talking over Cokes in the kitchen. The next morning after breakfast at the church, we visited Opelika High School and did another choral exchange with their show choir. After spending about an hour and half there, we headed over to Trinity Christian School to lead them in their chapel service. We also got to hear their choir and encourage them to keep on singing 🙂

Then it was off to Cajun Country

FBC Nash







Proc at OHS


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