The Effects of Union Students on Prospects

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love being a Student Ambassador.

Today, I gave a tour to a girl and her mom as well as two guys from Henderson who are friends. The girl is a soccer player who is for sure coming to Union, so she didn’t have a lot to say. The guys on the other hand were straight-up chatter boxes! They were asking questions the whole time and got more and more excited as the tour progressed. I learned that his plans after high school were two things…Union or the Air Force. When we finished the tour, I heard him say, “Forget the Air Force. I’m coming here.” That is one of the greatest things for a student ambassador/enrollment counselor to hear when a tour is finished.

Later that day, I was working a few minutes overtime in the office trying to finish up a task. Scott Mooberry (the boy’s enrollment counselor) came in the office to ring the bell, signifying that he had received a deposit. I learned that the young man whom I toured had written a check as soon as he got back. It just thrilled my heart to hear that. These are the things I’ll miss when I’m gone from this job next year.


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