Student Ambassador…more than just campus tours

Yesterday was my next to last Preview Day as a Student Ambassador. I’ll admit, I’m going to miss it . Sure, the hours are long, the tours are tiring, and some of the people we encounter are just plain ornery. Preview Days begin EARLY, room cleaning comes WAY too often, and dressing up in red all the time can get monotonous. But there are enough good moments to outweigh the bad and yesterday was one of them.

As we were wrapping up Preview Day yesterday, I had packed up the t-shirts and was heading back to the Admissions office to finish my day. As I left, a dad of a prospie from Florida said, “I bet this place sure is pretty in the spring, summer, and fall.” That one comment sparked a conversation that topped them all. I had spoken with he and his wife briefly in the Grant Center when I gave his daughter her t-shirt. But this is where I really got to be myself and brag on Union. No tour/phone script, no fancy words. The only thing I had to do was be real. He was so courteous and wanted the best for his daughter. He told me of his family’s journey on the college search for his youngest daughter and all that they’ve done up until now. They are an incredible family and from what I’ve been told, she would make a great fit here in Jackson.

Along the way, he mentioned that he was staying in Jackson another day with his family to explore the town and said that was a big factor in deciding if she would come here or not. I was able to really plug the Jackson Symphony concert tonight and I believe they just might come! I love being able to communicate and engage with families like this and for those of you hoping to be ambassadors, I hope you get to experience the same joy that I have.

This is why I love my job.


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