That little brother of mine…

I love my brother. It’s no secret. In 2012, my brother and I grew closer than we ever had before. I have loved every minute of it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. That being said, I’d like to share a few stories with you involving the little thug.

He came up to Union for the Homecoming ballgame two weekends ago. The real purpose behind the trip was for us to go look at the apartment complex we hope to be living in next semester when he comes here (I’m excited about that). Afterwards, we went to the PAC to get our faces painted for the ballgame. We walk in to see my friend Tim Zornes getting his chest painted. He and Quinten were begging me to let Quinten get his chest painted. I kept saying no. Faces were enough. Eventually…






I know, I know. It’s a bit much. But he had a great time at the game and said he felt like a college student already. I guess that’s a good feeling? I decided to tone it down just a bit with a UU and a pawprint on my face.


Anna, Me, and Quinten




The second story I have for you is a conversation he and I had through text. *Names have been changed to protect the innocent.*

Quinten: BTW Cameron is going to UTK.

Logan: Pooh.

Quinten: I know. Sadness has taken over me. Tragic really.

Logan: I understand. What a moron.

Quinten: Quite the nimrod, yes. However, one cannot but still love the fair nimrod even with such idiotic decisions. It’s a shame really that he is overlooking the cardinal for the orange.

Logan: ‘Tis true, dear brother. But one shall learn his mistakes in time. Circumstances such as these can put one’s mind not at ease. Perhaps a plethora of foolish decisions will bring one to the better choice.

Quinten: Yes, yes. However, true passion for one’s desires cannot be influenced by another. We as friends of dear nimrod should not rebuke him for foolish decision to attend such university, but rather encourage him. If you remember dear brother, we also admire this university in such a way that we are, as some would say, fanatics. Quite a word, isn’t it? It brings back fond memories of my youth.


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