Where you’ll never, never grow old

I had one amazing dream come true last night. My obsession and fascination with Peter Pan and all things related is no secret to anyone. It is my all-time favorite Disney movie and probably my favorite fairytale story. My Nana was the one to introduce it to me because she had the Disney VHS and I would always watch it when I went to her house. Several years later, I found a VHS tape of a 1958 recording of the Broadway show starring Mary Martin. I fell in love again. Eventually, I learned about Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan. I wasn’t familiar with Rigby until I began doing some research. And again, you guessed it, I fell in love.

Around August or September of 2012, I was browsing around the websites of TPAC and Orpheum-Memphis. I check them weekly for new shows, ticket sales, and things of the like. While browsing around TPAC, I came across a little title that said “Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan: March 1-3.” I honestly nearly fell out of my chair. She was finally coming to Nashville and for ONE WEEKEND ONLY! I made plans to get tickets as soon as they came out. So that’s what I used my Christmas money on. My friend Emily and I were so excited to see this show!

I made a countdown starting at 60 days. Every day, I would mark another number off the list, my anticipation growing each time. Finally, the day came. I was giddy and bouncy all day long. We loaded up in the car and were Nashville-bound. A quick stop at McKay Used Books was a must for me. I can never spend enough time in there. But alas, we were on a schedule. We got to Nashville, parked, and began looking for the restaurant we had planned to eat at. After walking four block to the street it was supposedly on, Emily spotted red and green lights and assumed it was the place (we were planning to eat Italian food). And sure enough it was! Let me tell you friends: if you want to eat good in Nashville and not spend a fortune, Demo’s is the place to go. It’s on Commerce St, right past the Batman building.

Showtime. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. There was no holding me down. We got inside Andrew Jackson Hall and sat down…four rows from the stage.  The lights went down, the overture began, and I was swept away into Neverland. I told my girlfriend, Anna, that I have never felt more engaged in a show that this one. I actually felt as though I was actually in Neverland with the Indians, Lost Boys, and pirates. The cast did an amazing job and the special effects were out of this world.

Afterwords, I had a chance to meet Cathy Rigby. I had bough a poster and for those that did, you could get it signed and get a picture with her. I was barely able to stand. For me, this was like meeting a president. She was so kind and gentle. I told her that I had waited for ten years to see this show and she was so flattered. Along with my picture and signed poster, she gave me some fairy dust 🙂

“I have a place where dreams are born and time is never planned. It’s not on any chart, you must find it in your heart…Never Never Land.”





Me and Cathy Rigby


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