The UU Aflocklaypse

Students that were at Union for the 2010-2011 school year will remember a little thing we like to call the Aflockalypse. It was approximately 3,000 birds that flocked to Union in the early part of the year daily at 6:00 to gather in the trees near the bypass. The noise was absolutely incredible and it looked like a bunch of flying monkeys coming to take over the campus. After they developed a routine, several staff members in S&S and Maintenance tried scaring them off by firing cannons near the trees.

Well, a small portion of them have returned to Union lately. As I was walking past the site for the new library yesterday evening, I watched them for a few minutes. The most amazing thing happened. They all knew when to take flight at the same time, turn at the same time, and land at the same time. They even coordinated the flapping of their wings so they would all be together! It was the neatest thing to watch! How they do it, I haven’t the foggiest clue. But it makes me think of one statement: WE HAVE ONE AWESOME GOD.

Click here to see a video from February 2011 of when they first came to Union (disregard the background dialogue).


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