College Ministry @ EBC

I have never been extremely involved with the college ministry at my church, Englewood Baptist, in Jackson. The extent of my time with them included small groups on Sunday morning (until January of 2012 when I went to FCC) and Refuge on Wednesday night, which I didn’t go to that often. I’d go to choir at six because I loved being under Travis Cottrell and I was able to build relationships with some choir members. But I just didn’t get plugged in with the college ministry like I wanted to. Finally, this January, I did it.

First of all, we had game nights at our college pastor’s house every Wednesday night since the group was much smaller (J-term). about twenty or so would show up, so that gave me a great opportunity to get to know some of the other students as well as build a relationship with Pastor Rob and his wife. That has probably been the most beneficial thing to me in while. In a church of 2,700, building relationships can be very tough. We had such a fun time every Wednesday and part of me was sad to see it go. However, I was very excited that Refuge, our college service, was back in swing.

Rewind a few months to early November. I heard that the college worship service was trying to build a worship band rotation. I had been longing to serve in this capacity since my freshman year. Not knowing who to go to, I just emailed Travis. He directed me to the guy in charge and I was introduced and filled out an application. I kinda forgot about it since Refuge took a break for Christmas and January until our worship leader approached me on Monday and asked me if I wanted to play on Wednesday for the first Refuge of the spring semester. He got an enthusiastic yes 🙂

Good things take time. Now I am finally getting plugged in within our college ministry. I am so excited about it and I am working on something else with EBC right now that, Lord-willing, would be very beneficial to me as a musician and worship leader.


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