Sorry Satan, You Weren’t Invited

Do you ever have those moments when you know you’re doing what God wants you to do, but Satan tries to get in the way? He tries and tries and tries. Unfortunately, he wins sometimes. But a vast majority of the time, the Lord steps in and tells him that he wasn’t invited to what God had planned. This weekend was one of those times.

Disciple Now weekends are wonderful things. I was privileged to be asked to help lead one this weekend with Grace Baptist Church in Nashville. But on the way to Nashville on Friday afternoon, Shawn the Nissan broke down. We were fifty miles from Nashville and 10 miles from the nearest exit. Being a faithful AAA member, I called them hoping for a quick fix. Unable to find a towman for us, I had to call my own. Two hours passed. At this point, I was quite frustrated. It would be so easy to just go home and forget the D-Now. After ANOTHER HOUR,  our towman pulled up and towed my car home after dropping Zack and myself off to be carried to GBC by a church member. Even before we got there, a few blessings happened.

First of all, our towman was so nice and courteous. Because he was going to tow my car to Adamsville (1.5 hour drive), I decided to buy him supper. He was grateful and headed on his way. Tim Tawater, the member who picked us up, was so very nice to us and didn’t seem bothered at all by picking us up. I get to the D-Now to learn that I’ll be a small group leader for junior high boys. I was scared to death. JUNIOR HIGH?! NO! After our first discussion, I was so glad God placed me where He did. Those boys were such a blessing to me. I was able to bond not only with them, but so many other teens at the retreat. I felt convicted and was able to have two-way discussions with my boys. We helped each other. I came into this discouraged and with a bad attitude because of my car. I’m so grateful that God cleaned out my attitude compartment before I spent time with the boys. They were incredible.

And then on Sudnay, after it was all over, I had to figure out how to get home. I had a plan that would have worked, but it fell through. Without hesitation, Bruce and Leanne (the youth pastor and his wife) drove us to Exit 126 in Holladay to retrieve another vehicle for me to take back to Jackson. Did I mention that they bought us lunch before we left? I could not have asked for anything else and feel so indebted to them. These are amazing kids with extra-amazing leaders. 

And hopefully, I’ll get to see them again this summer if my schedule works out. SHOUT OUT TO GBC YOUTH! YOU GUYS ROCK! Oh, by the way, you dropped your pocket.


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