Lonely? Needing friendship? This one’s for you.

The summer of 2012 had many great moments for me. New York City, Into the Woods, SHINE 2012, moving back home, my birthday, etc. It was a good summer. Possibly the best summer of my life. However, around the time of my birthday, I had a revelation that I never thought I would have.


Friends are crucial to survival. I don’t believe that a person can have too many friends. They provide us with company when we need it, shoulders when we need a good cry, laughs when we’re down, and support when we’re in need of it most. Best friends? Some people have them, some people don’t. Not that big of a deal. During the middle of the summer, I began thinking of friends that I have. Being at home, Union friends were not as accessible as they are during semesters. I found myself at home a lot, doing any number of things. This really got me depressed. I started asking myself, “Outside of Union, do I have any good friends?” I have never had a problem making and keeping friends. I mean, during Into the Woods, I hung out with some amazing people every day for 8 weeks. But once it was over, I didn’t see any of them. We all got too busy for each other, I suppose. I started getting very lonely. I listened to called “Learn to be Lonely,” a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber  and sung by the incredible Minnie Driver. It talks about enjoying the loneliness. I was sad. I really, really was. I graduated with 104 other people and I am close to 2 of them now. And I only see them maybe once every two months. What was going on?!

I prayed hard that God would help me make it through this. I didn’t know what to do until August. I had over a month to cope with this before I went back to Jackson. I needed friendship. I don’t do well when I’m alone. I get depressed, lonely, mad, and confused. I knew I had to trust God on this one to see me through.

My God is a God of providence. Since that summer, He has provided me with friendship that I never imagined. I didn’t realize it until just yesterday and it has been amazing. My younger brother, Quinten, is now my best friend (the most important friendship I have). I continually grow in friendship with my music major family as time goes by. Several casual friends at Union have become closer to me than I ever dreamed. There is even a girl back home in McNairy County that I have been able to spark a new friendship with. We’ve just kinda been able to work things out and have become extremely good friends. I have so much to be thankful for.

So, for you lonely souls out there, it can be very easy to get down in the dumps about this. I encourage you to seek after the Lord and pray for His provision. Ask Him if there are people in your life that need friendship just like you. I promise you this: He will see you through.


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