Another Dating Blog Post…

I never dated much in high school. I had girlfriends every once in a while, but in reality only dated one girl and that was during my senior year. That relationship lasted over the summer and for a few months in college before we ended it. I have had two relationships since then and here I am single again and loving it. In that time, I have learned something very valuable that you all should take heed to.

DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR MORALS AND VALUES. For anyone. At all. It will only lead to disaster. At first, it’s little things. You don’t think that they’ll matter. But in time, you learn that it was actually a big deal. If you compromise your morals and values for the simple sake of dating someone you find attractive, you will regret it. Either you will break up with them, or you will be miserable by staying with them.

For example, drinking is a common issue among dating couples. One wants to know what the other thinks about the subject. 1) Be straight-forward. Don’t beat around the bush, hee and haw. Just say it. 2) If you have even the slightest hint that it could be detrimental to the relationship, talk about it first. If neither of you will budge, end the relationship right then. Otherwise, suffer.

Sex. Be in total agreement. Always. And that agreement should be no sex at all except with your spouse. Capeesh?

Stay true to yourself and to God. If you don’t, expect unhappiness.


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