Snaps of the Semester

I wrote quite a bit yesterday and didn’t leave room for pictures. Here are some highlights of my semester that I count as blessings 🙂


This is my Echo family. We have lunch every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 and with these people, there is never a dull moment 🙂


The state championship. It was just magical. I’ll never forget seeing my brother run through the banner, me screaming like a banshee, and watching the town come together to support our boys.


Singers. It’s been an awesome start to a long journey with these people. I believe Singers fits the bill perfectly when I say the music majors are “weird.”


My very first presidential election to take part in. I was so involved in this election. Although disappointed, it still made an impact on me that I made my voice heard.

MindyMy dear Mindy. We’ve grown to be the closest of friends this semester and I am so very grateful for her. She’s a diamond in the rough and I couldn’t be more thrilled to call her a friend.


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