Another Semester for the Books

I’m finally home. This has definitely been the hardest semester of my college years and I’m so grateful to be home. But despite the difficult class schedule and workload, many good things have come out of this semester.

If you’ll recall my blog post back in July (here’s the link), you’ll remember that I was not excited about turning twenty. Leaving the teenage years and really beginning to grasp adulthood. I had such a negative outlook on it. But my best friends kept reminding me that if I stay negative about turning twenty, I’ll miss the good things that could come of it. So I took their advice and tried to be positive. And the rewards have been incredible.

I have grown closer with a group of friends more this semester than any other. The people who come to Echo on Monday nights have become family to me. Every time I see one of them, my heart leaps with joy. Not just because I enjoy their company, but because we live life together. Knowing that I have them there to discuss my goings-on in life is such a wonderful and comforting thought. I’ve also grown intimately close with the music majors. Yes, we know we’re like a cult. But that’s okay. We know we’re weird and it doesn’t bother us a bit. We like to look at ourselves as more of a family investing in each other’s lives and enjoying each other’s company. When I changed my major to music education from nursing, they welcomed me with open arms. It wasn’t like a right of passage I had to go through. We all have music as our common bond and I cannot brag on them enough for being so wonderful. I love them 🙂

Extra Piece of Information (no charge)

Since I’m on this track of saying how much I love the music department, let me tell you what happened yesterday. We all know it was 12/12/12, the last time in our lives that we will see the same number for the month, day, and year. I happened to be in the music department offices just before noon and was told that we were going to get twelve people in the offices to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” at 12:00 on 12/12/12. We did and it was magical. A couple of members of the faculty, some students, and a former student. We had a wonderful time and it’s things like this that I won’t forget when I graduate.


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