Echo, My Organic Bible Study

This semester has been hectic to say the very least. Trying to cram a sophomore and junior year into two semesters is no easy task. This is especially true when one is taking Music Theory 3 and Music History 1 all in one semester (and Music Theory 4 and Music History 2 to look forward to in February). On top of that, I had my Ambassador job on campus and my church job on the weekends. Add recitals to attend and practicing several hours a week. Needless to say, I have been pretty busy.

But in the midst of all that, I have had a group of people who have kept me going throughout the whole process. I mentioned several posts back about my Monday nights with a group called Echo. This is a time for a small group of people together and simply let the Holy Spirit work in ways that we have not let it lately. Everyone shows up at 9:30 and leaves when God says we can. We open with prayer and then go from there. We have no bulletin or set list of what will go on. But we don’t just show up and expect God to do everything. We study the Word and check up on each other. We bring our burdens together to the foot of the cross and lay them down. We pray for each other and build one another up. We sing praises (sometimes with a piano, sometimes without). And then, probably my favorite part and favorite rule: no one leaves without a hug.

Because of Echo, I have been able to grow in friendship with the people involved. We all knew each other before Echo. However, we have become like brothers and sisters, because, heck, we are anyway! Each time I see one of them outside of Echo, it’s a hugfest and a “How is your week?” or “You making it alright this week?” I love these people and I am thankful everyday for them.

It saddens me to know that one of our group members will be leaving us in a few days. She’ll be transferring to a school in Indiana. I have had a rough time with this because she and I have just started becoming close friends. I couldn’t figure out why God would allow a good thing to last only a short while. But who says it has to end because she heads 6 hours north? Not me, nor anybody else. I’m just so grateful that our friendship catapulted in these last few months and now it can grow, just in a different way that I planned. We’ll be praying for her constantly, knowing that God is doing a great work in her because she was obedient to Him. I MISS YOU ALREADY SAVANNAH!



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