A Tender [Union] Christmas

My favorite event of the fall semester, “A Union Christmas” comes during the first week of December. This is a time for believers to gether and hear the songs of Christmas and listen to the Christmas story. The phenomenal music department (not that I’m biased) puts this on every Christmas for the Union family and Jackson community. Every ensemble is featured in some form or another. Since my freshman year, it just keeps growing. This year, we featured our full string ensemble which added so much more “umph” to the congregational pieces and the big piece, “A Highland Carol.” Maybe it’s because I love Christmas. Maybe it’s because I love music. Maybe it’s because I love Union. Naw. It’s all three!

Union Christmas also serves as a time to meet family members and friends of your fellow students. Mamas and daddies, siblings, friends…the whole enchilada. And we’re all dressed up in our tuxes and black dresses. It’s also nice that it isn’t during the week of finals as it has been in years past.




Mindy and I







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