One Proud Alumnus


Every once in a while, you find somebody that says, “I’m proud of where I come from.” Although I say it often, I meant it a lot this weekend when I said it.

This past weekend, my high school’s football team went to the TSSAA Division 1 Class 2A state championship. It was the first time in history that our team had gone to state. Coach Gray has done an amazing work with the team since he took on the head coaching position my freshman year. It was a rough first three years. But starting in 2009, my senior year, we saw a little bit of light.

In 2009, we made it to the playoffs. In 2010, we made it to the quarterfinals. In 2011, we made it to the semifinals. And in 2012, we made it to the championship. Anyone else notice a pattern here?

It was so amazing to see my town come together for one common goal this past week. The painted storefront windows, the masses of Facebook statuses and tweets, the tee-shirts, the graphics. But the most incredible part of it all was Friday morning when the boys left the school (in a school bus because they didn’t need a charter). The high school students and teachers lined the exit path of the school in red & black with their signs, pom-poms, and flags. The boys were given an escort through town that included going past AES and waving to the kids. They also drove down Main Street where business owners and employees were outside waving them off to Cookeville. I wish I could have been there. The photo album by the McNairy County News did jerk a tear or two from my eyes.

We get there on Saturday and it’s just breathtaking. HUNDREDS of Cardinal fans took to the stands to cheer our boys on. I heard of people coming to the game from as far north as Ohio and as far south as Georgia. I also heard that 700+ tickets were pre-sold, not to mention the ones that were bought that day. We definitely had Friendship Christian beat when it came to the number of fans. It was just awesome. I love my town so very much and this made it even more real to me.

Now some of you are probably wondering what the outcome of the game was. We lost 44-7. I know, sad. But we were just happy to be there and to witness the first state championship game for Adamsville in school history. It felt like a UT game. For those of you that are friends of mine on Facebook, check out the video I shared from Dennis Gladish and the albums by McNairy County News. You’ll then understand why Adamsville is so special to me 🙂



One thought on “One Proud Alumnus

  1. I just wanted to tell ya that I enjoy reading your blog. I first started when i was googling my name and saw it here. Keep up the great work young man.


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