Three. More. Weeks.

The hardest stretch of the fall semester is always the last few weeks after Thanksgiving. Normally, we have half a week for Thanksgiving and two weeks of school until Christmas break. With our calendar change this year, we had a full week of Thanksgiving and an extra week of school. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having the whole week for Thanksgiving. But it made it that much harder to drive back here Sunday night knowing I have three more weeks to do all this college stuff.

The break was lovely. On Monday, I drove to MCHS in the morning to do some sectionals with the guys in the JazzCats and Concert Choir. I worked with these boys earlier in the semester before school started and thought I could be of some more help while on my break. I really enjoy doing that with Sarah Lemons because it gives me some real-life experience of what it will be like when I become a music teacher. And I enjoy the act of working with them. It assures me that teaching music is what I am called to do.

But I spent most of the break helping Dad paint and remodel a portion of a house for some family of our’s. And might I just say that it looks pretty darn good 🙂 I also had my fair share of slugburgers since we don’t have them in Jackson. I made several trips to Fat Cat’s Grill for lunch. To go too long without a good slugburger is not becoming, nor healthy.

Then came the Thanksgiving meals. We had the usual turkey, dressing, taters, corn, and pumpkin pie. But I believe my favorite item of choice was my Momo’s sweet potato casserole. Let me tell you something: THAT STUFF WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. It was absoluetly incredible. I’d say it was probably better than any dessert I had. I also got on a sweet tea overdose. And I’m okay with that.

Now I’m back at school in the old routine. Three more weeks…three more weeks…three…more…weeks…zzzzzzzzz


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