Those Nasty Words

There are several words that I absolutely hate. Hearing such words strike a chord in me that never really resolves. One of those words (or more appropriately, phrases) is “growing up.”

Lately, it feels as though growing up has done nothing good for me. I’ll be more specific. In the last several months, I have had opportunities to make new friends. I absolutely LOVE making new friends. It’s no secret. I’m a social butterfly. But it seems that every time I get the opportunity and I see potential for the friendship to grow, life steps in and completely ruins it. Here are a few examples:

  •  When I worked my year with AMTC, I made TONS of new friends. We bonded because we had the same goal. I looked forward to seeing them at every training session. We went to SHINE in July, and I’ve only kept in contact with one of them.
  • Just this semester, I have grown in friendship with a girl that I met last year. I was so excited to progress this friendship between the two of us because we just clicked. She let me know two days later that she’d be transferring to a school in Indiana after Christmas. I was crushed. Even though we hadn’t become close friends yet, it’s just life stepping in again and kicking my butt.

And it all comes back to growing up. Things happen the way we don’t want them to. People come and go. I often wonder why God places amazing people in our lives and then lets them go. It just doesn’t seem logical. But then again, my God defies logic. He’s so much better than that. He’s God for crying out loud!

As I told my mama about this, she used an old phrase that rang especially true: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” As cliche as it is, it makes a lot of sense. Although I don’t understand why God is doing it now, I have to trust Him.


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