New Mercies

It was one of those weeks. Nothing seemed to go in my favor. Each day, something happened to go wrong, mess up, or just be straight-up bad. It all started on Tuesday when the man I voted for lost the election. From there, it was an avalanche. I felt as though I had hit rock bottom by the time Friday came around. By that time, I was just ready to go home. I’d been waiting on it all week and couldn’t wait to leave this campus and get away from everything, even if just for a day or two.

And it was great. I get home just in time for the high school football state playoff game. AHS put a good ole Cardinal whoopin’ on Mt. Pleasant with a score of 56-6. Quinten even got his name called out three times! After the game, I got to spend some quality time with the family. We all gathered in Mom and Dad’s room, lit the fire in the fireplace, and watched three episodes of Duck Dynasty. That is the perfect definition of “family time.”

The next day, I got to watch my dad play basketball competitively for the first time in years. He played on the Hardin County Bank Hoops team for a charity event. Area banks hold a tournament every year and since mom now works at HCB, we got to participate. We came in third place, but had so much fun!

Sunday was great too. I had a great time of worship at FCC and at FBC Adamsville that night. During the day, I hung out with Grandmother, Aunt Kena, Kyle, Seth, Brandon, and Kara. We took pictures with Grandmother because it has been YEARS since we’ve gotten dressed up and posed with her. We are taking advantage of every moment with her because no one knows what the future holds. On that note, make time for your grandparents. They’re called “grand” for a reason.

And here we are back at Union on Sunday night. Catching up on a bit of schoolwork and preparing for the week ahead. I am looking forward to this week. Why? Not because there is anything extraordinary going on. But because God promises new mercies EVERY morning. No matter how bad your previous day (or week) has been, you always have the next day to look forward to. God has great things in mind for His people. All we have to do is receive them.


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