Those presidential debates…

Sometimes I wonder if the debates between presidential candidates are just for mere entertainment. It is definitely a fact when it comes to the primary debates. Watching the Republicans and Democrats get at the throats of one another and then magically support the nominee in the end is quite entertaining. I always like when two of the candidates really get at each other and you can tell that one of them is REALLY getting annoyed. Then we have the “real” debates…

Last night, I watched the presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. The political science department at UU sponsored a Debate Watch in one of the classrooms and encouraged students in all disciplines to attend. We had about twenty or so show up and had a blast! We commented during the debate and would make proper sound effects when one of the candidates said something that shocked the other. At times, I felt that I was actually getting some information from these two men. But most of the time, I just felt that it turned into the blame game. And the moderator did a TERRIBLE job of moderating. When a candidate goes over his time, STOP HIM. I don’t care if you have to yell, holler, jump up and down, blow an air horn, or what. MODERATE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

As a Republican, I will say that I was disappointed with Mitt Romney as well. He would interrupt the President just as much as the President interrupted the Governor. Is it too much to ask that we have at least one of them be professional?


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