You’d think I was taking a sabbatical…

But I’m really not. This semester has been nothing short of INSANE. It is definitely the hardest and busiest semester I have ever had. Trying to cram the sophomore and junior year of college in two semesters in no small task. The cramming is  due to the fact that I am behind in the music department because I changed my major during freshman year. Word of advice to future universiteers: decide on a major and do your best to keep it. But if you decide to change it, make sure you can still get it in four years.

And now for an update on the life and times of Logan Brasher.

I just wrapped up my very first revival! I led worship at Chewalla Baptist Church with Dr. Larry Robertson from Clarksville. It was so nice to go back to Chewalla after 4.5 years of being gone. Bro. Larry and I enjoyed working together while in Chewalla. But let me tell you…it DRAINED the gas tank and wore me plum out driving back and forth each night. I didn’t get to bed before 1:00 any night last week. And as if one revival isn’t enough, the family and I are leading a revival at Crump FBC this week. I was there Sunday night, but told them I could not do the driving I did last week. I’ll get to be with them on Wednesday night though to wrap the whole thing up.

Fall break is in sight! All I have to do is make it through Singers on Wednesday and I am home free! Fall BReak will be a combination of relaxation and reunion. I’ll have a whole day of resting on Thursday (hoping to spend a little time with my grandmother). Then on Friday and Saturday, I’ll be in Chattanooga as an Ambassador for AMTC at a scouting event! I was so honored when they called and asked me to do this back in August. It excites me that I’ll get to see my dear friend Kassey from Chatt as well as some other AMTC alumni that should be in attendance. These are some of the most awesome people I have ever met. I am still not sure what I’ll be doing yet though…

In the morning hours of Saturday, I will rise from my blessed slumber and trek on back to McNairy county to go to the Arts in McNairy Music Homecoming at the Latta! This is a first for us and we’re so excited to be able to put it on. I have a special someone (from UU) who will be joining me that evening as well as some AiM family members whom I have missed dearly!

After that comes two more days of relaxation before heading back to the U. Look for an update after fall break!


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