Gotta get better about this…

I must get a better routine going of blogging. I just seem to have NO TIME anymore. 16 hours of classes, 10 hours of practicing each week, Student Ambassador, church work. It just keeps on piling up. But I’ll see what I can remember since the last time I blogged…

I got to see my best friend Kailyn this weekend. She came in for the Labor Day weekend and I was SO excited! It just thrills my heart when she comes home (it’s very rare). We went to the football game that night against Riverside. Adamsville won 28-7 and my little bro got a tackle! And what’s more? Tennessee beat North Carolina State! During the game, we helped the band when it was time for their field show and they did a phenomenal job. We found our friend Keribeth who was also home for Labor Day and got to catch up with her. She had brought her friend Chelsea along with her from Knoxville. Chelsea and I got to talking and turns out, WE’RE BOTH THEATRE KIDS! That was our “ah-ha” moment! We had a blast talking about theatre! Later one, the four of us decided to go to Pizza Hut in Savannah since we had not eaten dinner. And we had so much fun! Chelsea and I hit it off so well and the AHS grads got to catch up and reminisce. As we parted, I said to Keribeth, “Bring her back soon. I like her!”

Kailyn and I then got some quality best friend time on our way back to Adamsville. It wasn’t just the drive. We were scared to go back to the high school because of two cars flashing their “police” lights. Eventually…an hour later…we finally got up enough courage to get in our respective cars and head our separate ways. I’m happy to report that we’re both safe 🙂



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