Back to the U

Finally moved in and 2 of the 3 roommates have arrived. Everything is pretty much the same as last year except for two things. Number one, I am an Ambassador! I’m so excited about this new opportunity in my Union life! Second of all, I am finally able to go home EVERY WEEKEND! I think I am excited about this the most. I get to leave on Fridays at 2 and make it home in time for football Friday nights at AHS (Quinten is #18, so come out and see us!)

Classes start on Tuesday, followed by Dr. Dennis’s faculty piano recital that night. Dr. Dennis is a fabulous musician and it’s always a joy to listen to him play. I have gotten to reunite so much already! Oh, here’s a fun little story…

Student leaders, faculty, and staff have a tradition of assisting the freshman in the moving-in process. Being an Ambassador, I got the privilege of helping out this year. Well, we had been unloading for about 2 hours, having a blast. Then suddenly, the bottom fell out of the sky. We all got soaked, but we still unloaded and kept moving. It was a blast! We just laughed and cut up about it. It seemed a whole lot more easier to laugh than complain.

I have a few more things to do before classes start on Tuesday. So until then, BE HAPPY!


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