Learning from Literature

In these last few weeks before school starts back, I have become quite the bookworm. I’ve read three books (and one in process) in two months. That’s quite an accomplishment for me. And I’m learning a lot from them. Like this one…

Yes, I know I’m a few years late. I didn’t have $29 to buy this book back in 2009 because I was still in high school. But I found this one at our church yard sale two weeks ago for a dollar so I enthusiastically picked it up. And boy have I learned some things!

I’ve only read 160 pages of the 350+ page book and I’ve have learned so much about this amazing woman that I didn’t know before. Most of you are well aware of my enthusiasm for politics…conservative politics for the most part. I love Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Bush (Daddy and W), Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain, and others. In this book, Governor Palin exposes all the things that went on during her tenure as city councilwoman, mayor, and governor (so far…I haven’t gotten to the VP part yet). After reading all of the nasty and horrible things politicians do behind closed doors, I can’t imagine why we would elect half the people we do. I can’t imagine being in politics with these people. This goes for Republicans and Democrats. She tells of all the pressure she had to endure and the stupid things typical politicians would do, for them and to her. How she put up with all of it is beyond me. I commend her greatly for stepping up to the plate by running for governor, changing the way things work at the state level.

Some of you critics of Governor Palin may say, “She’s just like the rest of them!” I don’t believe that. Why? Because Governor Palin took on the role of mother, wife, grandmother, and governor all at one time. She has really been where we are. Middle-class citizens. The things she did as governor because she had common sense is a very humbling thing. She cut out fancy meals for her family to give the money back to the people of Alaska. Talk about compassion and consideration!

I urge everyone to read this book. You will not regret it.


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