We finally made it. After traveling numerous times back and forth between the two states, we finally made it back home to Adamsville. Many people said we would be gone two years and come back. Well, they were wrong. We were gone for two years and two months!

Lots of good things came our way while living in the Peach State. We made many friendships that won’t dissolve because we live 3 states away. Quinten excelled dramatically in 4-H, even to the state level. Natalie actually turned into a girl while we were gone (she now spends 3 hours on average in the bathroom daily). I got to take my journey with AMTC because we lived so close to Atlanta. But as my good friend Dorothy Gale always said, “There’s no place like home.”

Nat and Quinten are VERY excited to be back at AHS. Apparently, I am as well because I went with them today when they registered for classes to make sure they did it right! The family is very eager to get plugged in at our parent church, First Baptist Church of Adamsville. No, we’re not in walking distance of church, Subway, CVS, and the optometrist. Chattanooga and Atlanta are no longer day trips. But we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else other than Mud Creek. Where we go to bed to crickets and frogs rather than ambulances and fire trucks.


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