New York City: Part 2

The previous post outline all the mission work we did with La Palabra. This one will give you a look at the social side of ministry and my sightseeing moments!

On Thursday, Amber and I had pretty much finished all we needed to do at the church building. So, we headed out with the social team to The Bowery Mission in Lower Manhatten. This is a men’s shelter, career training center, feeding refuge, and clothing warehouse that’s been operating since 1879. It also houses a beautiful 102-year old chapel. Here, I cut up 6 chickens into bite-size pieces (took me about 1.5 hours to do it). I dare a chicken to come within spittin’ distance of me now. We also moved over 5,000 20 oz. bottles (Coke, water, tea, Sprite) from one room to another and rearranged food. This was a great place to work. The other volunteers and those on staff were as nice as they could be and so much fun to work with. We laughed the whole time (while working, of course).

SIGHTSEEING! On Monday night after a day of work, the whole crew went to see the 9/11 Memorial. It was a neat thing to see the holes where the towers were, the names, Freedom Tower, the Survivor Tree, and the Museum (still under construction). Lots of people left flowers by the names of their loved ones.

So, because my family and me having completely different interests regarding what to do in NYC and Amber and I have similar interests, we talked our parents into letting us roam the city by ourselves. That turned out perfect! Number one on the list was seeing a Broadway show. We looked for shows that had the Lottery Rush, but discovered this little thing called Student Rush. How this works is you show up when the box office opens the day of the performance. Having a valid student ID present, you can purchase up to 2 orchestra section tickets for $29 a piece. MEMPHIS had this option. So we show up around 9:00 and wait for an hour. While we are waiting, we meet some locals who are also there for the Student Rush. We had a great time talking and when it came time to get the tickets, it turned out that we would all be sitting together! What we didn’t know…We had front row seats for MEMPHIS that were 1.5 feet from the stage. FRONT. ROW. I was spat upon by Broadway stars and it was lovely. The show was incredible. Amber and
I just adored it. Afterwards, I got my program signed by two of the cast members.I have a new prized possession 🙂

After we had purchased our tickets, we had a whole day to do whatever the heck we wanted before the 8:00 show. Amber had to go shopping in Chinatown. But since we didn’t eat breakfast, we stopped in Little Italy at a place called Sarabuco’s Cafe and ate some authentic Italian food. It was phenomenal! The service was unmerited, the food was great, and the place wasn’t crowded (we were the only ones there!). Then came the shopping. I am proud to say that I got a t-shirt, tie, magnet, and two photo prints for $41.

Then we lost our way. Somehow, trying to find the Statue of Liberty, we got on a train that took us to Bay Ridge…in Brooklyn. It was a lovely little town, very residential, and right by the water. Obviously not where we needed to be, but we had fun laughing about our mistakes and EVENTUALLY made it back to Staten Island to see the Statue from the dock. Then we snooped around Broadway and Wall Street a little before heading back to the show that night.

New York City. You just had to be there.



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