New York City: Part 1

I am 100% convinced that my story of going to the big city is much too large for one blog post. So here is the first 🙂

We flew in on Saturday evening just as the sun was setting. Dusk is the perfect time to fly because you are able to see the sun go down over the earth and it is absolutely breathtaking. It made me say, “Good job on that one, God.” He’s awesome like that. On Sunday, we headed via subway to the church we would be working with throughout the week, Iglesia Bautista La Palabra. Let me tell you, this church knows how to worship. They aren’t concerned about getting out and to the local restaurant before everyone else. They stay in worship until they feel that they have received EVERYTHING God had planned for them that day, whether God finishes at 12 or 4. It was probably the most inviting and engaging worship experiences ever.

Monday started the mission work. Mom, Dad, Quinten, and myself started sanding the hardwoord floor of the sanctuary in preparation for refinishing it. That took about 3 days to completely sand. On Wednesday, Amber and I took the task of finishing cleaning up behind the church. There was garbage and sand bags and slugs and snails and mosquitoes and mud everywhere. However, our biggest task was getting the year-old stagnant water out of the baptistry and down the drain. There wasn’t a drainage hole in the baptistry and we couldn’t drill one in. So we resorted to bailing the water out with five-gallon buckets. AFter about forty-five minutes, we thought, “Why not ciphen it?” We tried a skinny pipe and it didn’t work. When we found a hose, it turns out that all we had to do was position it right and it would drain itself. By the time we finished, we were filthy from head to toe. AND STANK TO HIGH HEAVENS. Thankfully, our fearless leaders let us go back early to shower and then return for the Backyard Bible Club. We felt much better when we returned 🙂

Starting on Tuesday night, we had Backyard Bible Club. We started at Flushing Park and when we got there, we realized that it wasn’t as populated in the evening as we thought it was. So for Wednesday and Thursday, we went to Louis Armstrong Park near La Palabra and we had 60-70 kids both times! It was so rewarding! Playing with them, helping them make crafts, watching their eyes light up when they heard the Gospel, seeing the joy in them when they received a free snack. What was the best part? The two souls that received Christ Jesus on Thursday 🙂 God be praised!

(to be continued)



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