One. More. Week.

Here it is. The last stretch. The end of the sophomore year is in sight. It’s been a long and enjoyable ride (with a few bumps), but thank heavens I’m almost done. I have five finals standing between me and the best summer of my life. Of course, once I completed board exams last Friday, I had no worries at all. That’s the joy of being a music major. No big finals to take, except for maybe a few.

Anyhow, this past weekend, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome people down in Selmer. First, I spent the night with my sweet Mimi and Grampy on Friday. I had planned on eating supper with them, then go to rehearsal, and then go home to unpack a few things from my car. Well, rehearsal got canceled so I just stayed the night. The next day, I went to Mud Creek to unpack and few things and spent some time with Grandmother and Grandaddy.

Later on in the evening, I went to Selmer and hung out with some locals who just love to get together and listen to good rockabilly and classic country music. Rich Gilbert and Eileen Rose, the inspirations for the new Rockabilly Highway Mural, were on hand to give us McNairy Countians a little concert. Yes, the rain poured. Yes, we had a good time anyway.

This is why I go home every, single weekend 🙂


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