Best Friend Reunions!

Well, the weekend was so close to being a complete best friend reunion weekend. Miss Kailyn Lovelace stayed in Nashville again, so I wasn’t able to see her. But I get to next week and I’m pretty excited about that! COME HOME KAILYNmarieLOVELACE!

Anyway, I did get to see my other two best friends on Saturday! Around 12:30, I met the lovely Miranda Martin at Kokomo’s for lunch. If I remember correctly, this is the first time I’ve seen her since Christmas. That’s way too long a time to come between best friends. We had such a good time catching up and laughing and telling stories and you know, best friend stuff. She’s pretty awesome. Thank goodness I’ll be staying home all summer!

And then that evening, I finally was able to reunite with the dear Samantha Browder for dinner at Mama Fia’s! My how I have missed her! We remained close friends all throughout high school and that bond has strengthened since graduation. You know those friends you graduated with that no matter how many miles or days come between you, the bond never weakens? Samantha is one of those. She has grown so much spiritually since high school and I couldn’t be prouder of her. Each time we see each other, we just pick up right where we left off. I only have a few more weeks to see her before she leaves me again! She’ll be leaving soon for Washington state to do mission work for pretty much the entire summer. As a best friend, I can deal with that…I think.


I love my best friends. Thank you, Lord.


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