Yes, I Coach Intramurals

Last night, as I finished my blog post, I realized that I had yet to blog about some pretty awesome people that I’ve spent a lot of time with this semester.

My JAM Ladies.

Right as school started up again in February, I began going to the intramural basketball games that Kathryn, Carol, and Kacee were playing in. At first, I just sat in the bleachers and cheered. One night, Kacee told me that I needed to coach them because their coach, Josh, had a test to study for. At first, I was hesitant. “All you have to do is send in subs when we get tired,” she said. So I gave in. I show up at the game and of course, I made myself do more than just sub the players. I yelled, I hollered, I jumped, and I encouraged. The team we happened to be playing that night was pretty tough and the girls were not very excited about playing them. The score was 15-13 in favor of the JAM Ladies. I was one proud coach. From then on, I was assistant coach for their basketball team.

Then along came softball. I had to be there. So, along with Carol’s boyfriend Grant, we coached those girls and went all the way to the championship game. We lost to the Pharmacy team, but we were so proud that we had made it that far. We had a blast all season long and I can’t wait to coach them again in the fall for volleyball and flag football.


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