Just a Great Weekend

This past weekend was nothing but great. I can’t convey to you my excitement of being at home in McNairy County. And then the dismay that came when I realized I still have two weeks of classes left (plus finals).

It all started Friday night. I had my choral concert at FBC Jackson with the very last SATB Choral Union. Normally, this would be just another concert for me. Sing a few songs, listen to Singers and Proc, go home. Not this time. My whole family got to be there! Mom, Dad, Quinten, and Natalie! Plus my Nana and two cousins, Bailey and Rylie! I’ve never had that much support at one of my concerts at UU! I was beside myself!

On Saturday, I went down to Selmer to appear for my callback for Arts in McNairy’s (AiM) summer musical, “Into the Woods.” My callback was for the role of Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk). Did I mention that we’re in a brand new theatre that just happens to be the most high-tech theatre between Memphis and Nashville? No? Well, we are. And that someone donated a baby grand piano to the theatre?! But that’s another story, nevermind…ANYWAY! I show up for my callback and reunite with some of the other AiM college students like Emily Pitts, Hillary Mead, Payden and Chaseton Donahoe, and Jana Matlock. We had a great time catching up before we read and sang. Hillary and I had been talking for a few days about the auditions and we were nervous wrecks. Apparently, I did very well. Because that night, I was cast as the role of JACK! And so did she because she was cast as Rapunzel! We were in hog heaven! This is the biggest role I have ever had with AiM and I can’t wait to perform it in the new theatre!!!!!!!!!

Sunday came and the first of it was normal. After church, I went down to Mud Creek to have a meal with my Calvary Baptist Church family in their old church building. They are always so kind and I love being with them. Afterwards, I headed to The Marty in Adamsville to play the piano for Ms. Gloria Stamper’s retirement party. She has taught at the elementary school since my parents were there. She is often stereotyped as the meanest teacher at AES. While she can get a bit loud, she cares more for her students that anyone else in that building. I was never in her classroom, but I was able to work with her in the after-school program in high school. She really loves people, she just has a different way of showing it. Around 4:00, I hopped on over to the city park in Adamsville where we had our community church picnic. This included all the churches in town (plus some out-of-town churches) enjoying a meal together and worshiping with each other. It always thrills my heart when we are able to fellowship with our brothers and sisters of other denominations (or the lack thereof). Hot? Yes. Enjoyable? Absolutely.


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