I’ve posted a few times on this blog about those fundamentalist Christians. You know, the ones that are KJV only, hate Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), dislike other denominations other than their own, and quarantine themselves from society. Well, I ran across an article the other day that absolutely infuriated me. It takes a lot to do that since I am normally a very happy person.

In this article, a die-hard fundamentalist absolutely crucifies CCM. I’ve dealt with a lot of these kinds of articles before and even people. But reading all this makes me sick. I take this very personally. I am a worship minister who uses predominantly CCM in the services at the church I serve at. We sing hymns sometimes, but with a little more contemporary flavor. This man (whoever he is), limits music into one specific category. He blasts CCM artists. He refuses to listen to any outside source about how someone else might interpret the Bible. He is fully convinced that his interpretation is right, no two-ways about it. People like him are destroying Christianity and the church. I think I know where the problem lies…

He says that because music doesn’t fit the standards of Western tradition regarding rhythm, pitch, and intonation, it’s not worshipful. I wonder what he thinks about the Christians in Africa who play music that hardly resembles our own standards. So what if the CCM I listen to doesn’t sound like a funeral? The only things that matter are the words that I sing and the content of my heart when I sing them. Get off your high-horse and do what’s important: EVANGELIZE!

Those of us that have gone to a CCM concert before know that sometimes, an invitation is given for those who wish to be saved. Those of us that have gone to many of these concerts know that the number is great. Here’s his response to that:

    “While we certainly will not say, no one can be saved at a CCM concert – we do not believe “thousands” are being saved at CCM concerts. If people are getting saved — Praise the Lord! If people are getting saved, it is for factors outside the CCM concerts, such as someone “witnessing” and “praying” for that person. It’s because that person has at some time heard the “preaching” of the word of God.”

How would he know all these things if he hasn’t gone to a CCM concert in his life? It’s my understanding that “preaching” is proclaiming the Word of God and sharing the Gospel, saying or SINGING. So what if they aren’t behind a podium in a church building when they SING the Word of God? Isn’t the Church the gathering of God’s people rather than the building and what makes it up?

His narrow-minded opinions do nothing but divide Christians. He is more obsessed with his own personal opinion that evangelizing the lost and discipling the saved. And people wonder why Christians are avoided…

Here’s the link to the article if you’d like to read it:


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