Gotta love those Grandparents

Don’t y’all just love your grandparents? Now that might not be as tech-savvy as we are or anything like that, but they are just precious. I’m so lucky to have so many grandparents and I always say you can never have too many. And they make life just grand with those little moments in time.So here’s a story about my Mimi 🙂

On Easter Sunday night, she invited me to come to church with her since I was staying in town for the night before going back to Jackson. This church is a real small country church in my community called Calvary Baptist. There are some of the sweetest people in the world that go there. But that’s not the best part. See, my Mimi and Grampy are fundamental, independent Baptists. Yeah, those. Without even thinking about it, I show up to church in an unironed, untucked button-up shirt and jeans with holes in them. The minute I walked in, she said, “I’m takin’ up an offerin’ to buy you patches for them jeans you got on.” She told that to pretty much everyone there and it was hysterical! We all laughed about it and even one of the older ladies there said, “JoAnn, those are in style!” In my defense, I said, “I could have been kneeling in prayer and worn these jeans plum out for all you know!”

Like I always say, “it’s the little things in life that make life worth living.”


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